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Paintings In Gallery


Founded in 2022, Berkano Gallery is an up-and-coming art gallery in Seattle, Washington.

It was founded by a handsome, mysterious man with a compelling backstory that isn't important right now. What is important is that he believes in a different way to view, appreciate and sell art.

Berkano is a (soon-to-be brick and mortar) place where all voices, perspectives and tastes have value. Except for the shitty racist, homophobic, mysogynistic or generally hateful ones. Those can fuck right off to hell.

The artwork and artists we represent are meant to be appreciated by everyone. We don't believe someone has to have a certain amount of money in their bank account to feel welcome at Berkano. We also don't believe someone has to be "educated" in art to start collecting it. We love our art historians, tastemakers and critics, but we're just more interested in making connections between beautiful objects and beautiful people (and we think all of you are super fucking hot on the inside and out). 

While we believe that art should be for everybody, we also understand (and deeply appreciate) that not every style is for every person. There is no such thing as bad taste, and we're happy to work with clients to find something that takes their breath away, even if it isn't what's on the walls this particular month. 

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