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Call for Artists

Great news! Berkano Gallery is currently searching for new artists to represent. Local, domestic and international artists all encouraged to submit. There is no cost to submit your work for consderation, or to have your work included in the gallery. The gallery does take a 50% commission on artwork sold.

We love seeing work by new and experienced artists, so don't be shy! We strongly encourage artists from a variety of backgrounds, mediums and genres to apply. We are especially interested (but not exclusively) in figurative/narrative 2-D work, 3-dimensional work of all kinds, from professional and emerging artists that are eager to learn and grow with the gallery. We have exhibition opportunities for artists available as early as July 1st, 2023!

Berkano is seeking artists to invest in over a long period of time, as opposed to 'one-and-done' approaches to exhibitions, as we believe it takes time and consistency to cultivate a reliable clientele for our artists.

While there is no geographical limit for submissions, please be aware that artists will be responsible for all shipping costs to and from the gallery.

Berkano does not engage in non-compete agreements with our artists, as we understand galleries own neither the artist or their consigned work. While we do have contracts for our represented artists, we are committed to building a solid foundation of trust between artist and gallery above all else through absolute transparency. 

There is no deadline for submissions. Please not that we are unable to respond to all artist submissions due to volume


Please understand Berkano is NOT a traditional gallery. If you haven't heard of us, please take a second to peruse our site and instagram. Berkano curates 4 floors of work for an historic building that rotates quarterly. Additionally, we currently have rotating monthly solo exhibitions in a pop-up space within the same building (a more traditional gallery space). **As a small caveat to our pop-up exhibition space, the walls are concrete, meaning we are unable to hand work there via wire, or anything that is nailed/drilled into the wall- so we are restricted to works on gallery wrapped canvas or lighter works weighing under about 10 lbs for anything displayed on the wall. Sculptural work displayed on the floor or on plinths has none of these limits.

While the Labour Temple a secure building that is currently open by appointment only with no regular hours, we are open for the artwalk and occasional special events throughout each month, as well as make it quite easy to arrange appointments. Additionally, the artwork is available for viewing by tenants of the Labour Temple, their high-end clientele and event-goers. Soon, the building will be opening up to the public at large, greatly increasing traffic.The pop-up exhibition space is also currently staffed at last one day a week to facilitate walk-ins--soon to increase

To help us get to know you a little better, please send the following to

  • 5 - 10 images of your recent work (include title, year, medium, size and pricing if known)

  • Resume/CV (optional)

  • Bio and/or Artist Statement

Please indicate below if you would like to be considered for the pop-up exhibition space, the regular programming in the Labour Temple's hallways, or both. 

**If you have trouble with this form, please just email with the relevant information.**

Submission for Representation
Please upload up to 3 images (unless a website was included above)
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CV/Bio/Artist Statement
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Which are you intersed in exhbitig? Choosing both is ok
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